It appears that MG, a company that produces HS essence, has announced that they will not increase the price of their product despite a tax hike.

This means that customers will still be able to purchase HS essence at the same price as before the tax increase.

It is not uncommon for companies to absorb tax increases in order to maintain customer loyalty and market share.

However, it may also mean that the company is willing to take a hit to their profit margins in order to remain competitive.

The decision by MG to not increase the price of their HS essence may also be influenced by their cost structure and profit margins.

If the company has a lower cost structure compared to their competitors they may be able to maintain their prices without impacting their profit margins significantly.

Furthermore, if the company believes that increasing prices will lead to a decrease in sales and market share.

They may choose to absorb the tax increase rather than risk losing customers to competitors who are offering lower prices.

This is especially true if the product in question is a commodity with many substitutes in the market.

Overall, MG’s decision to not increase the price of their HS essence despite a tax hike may be a strategic move to maintain their market share and customer loyalty.

It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing value to its customers and may help to differentiate it from competitors who choose to pass on the tax hike to consumers.

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