Do you Know The Changan Announces Big Discount Offer for Alsvin. In an effort to sway consumers toward purchasing their Alsvin brand of compact family cars, Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has announced a special discount program.

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An Rs.200,000 registration rebate is included in the deal. Customers are also offered a price lock, priority shipping, and insurance coverage.

Neither the Oshan X7 nor the Karavan minivan is eligible for this promotion. Even though the company hasn’t specified a cutoff date for this offer, it’s probably temporary.

Sales Decline

Sales at MCML have reportedly dropped slightly despite the company’s efforts to streamline the production of all of its automobiles in response to the ongoing national economic crisis.

Alsvin in 2023

According to the auto, MCML saw sales drop by 1% year-over-year (YOY) in 2022, albeit only slightly. The company sold 15,100 units that year.

Sales at Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC) dropped 31% year-over-year (YOY) to just over 15,500 units in 2022, while sales at Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) rose 42% YOY to 12,686 vehicles. Its annual sales were still lower than those of KLMC and MCML.

As the government works to replenish foreign exchange reserves and prioritizes imports of essential commodities, analysts predict that H1 2023 will be a sluggish one for the auto industry.

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