Dubai, UAE Pakistani National Strike dirhams in UAE, as Muhammad Yousuf, an expatriate from Pakistan, has clinched a whopping half a million dirhams in the O! Millionaire’s Green Lottery. The Dubai-based IT professional is now the talk of the town after this incredible win.

From an Everyday Dreamer to a Millionaire Overnight

Yousuf, a father of two, recounted purchasing his lucky ticket from a local convenience store in Dubai. Having played the lottery for several months, he never anticipated this fortune. “Receiving that call from the lottery office was an out-of-the-world experience. I was completely taken aback,” expressed a elated Yousuf. With plans to utilize his newfound wealth to settle debts and secure a home for his family, he truly exemplifies how Pakistani national strikes dirham in UAE’s O.

Not Just a Lottery, But a Green Initiative

The O! Millionaire lottery is unique with its eco-friendly emphasis. A slice of the lottery’s earnings contributes to eco-friendly initiatives. Demonstrating its dedication to nature, the lottery champions the ‘Oasis Park’ mission, aspiring to create a verdant oasis in the region. Every ticket, costing 3 dirhams, promises not just a chance at a windfall but also plays a role in tree plantation for a greener tomorrow.

Launching first in Oman in 2022, the O! Millionaire lottery celebrated its UAE debut in 2023, welcoming participants from the UAE and neighboring GCC countries.

How Do You Get Your Hands on the Golden Ticket?

For those looking to try their luck, here’s a simple guide:

  1. Visit the official site at
  2. Choose your seven numbers, ranging from 1 to 44.
  3. Acquire a green certificate online.
  4. Join us every Thursday at 20:00 (UTC +4) for the live draw on O! Millionaire’s official Facebook and YouTube channels.
  5. At a minimal cost of AED 25 (USD 6), one can stand a chance to revolutionize their life.

In Conclusion

Muhammad Yousuf’s heartwarming victory not only shines a spotlight on the unexpected joys of life but also emphasizes the UAE’s embrace of diversity and opportunity. As we’ve seen, Pakistani National Strike dirhams in UAE and O! Millionaire continue to be beacons of hope, amalgamating dreams, luck, and environmental sustainability. Congratulations again, Muhammad Yousuf; your story resonates with dreamers worldwide!

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