Did you know Cars Expected to Launch in Pakistan in 2022 But Did not. The year 2022 is over, and the future of Pakistan’s auto industry is uncertain. Peugeot 2008, Haval H6, Changan Oshan X7, the Chery Tiggo twins, and a few others were just a few of the new cars that were introduced at the beginning of 2022.

In response to the booming market for automobiles, a number of manufacturers have brought in prototypes and marketing models for testing, and rumors of yet more vehicle releases have saturated the media.

By the middle of 2022, things had already taken a turn for the worse due to a sudden regime change and economic turmoil. To protect Pakistan’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves, the new government has placed limits on imports from the automotive industry.

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All automakers simultaneously raised prices by an average of 47% as the local currency began depreciating at an alarming rate. Car sales plummeted as a result of this and the production cuts brought on by import restrictions.

And it caused car companies to abandon new product launches altogether in the uncertain economy.

Now, here are the autos that were supposed to debut in 2022 but didn’t:

Keep in mind that no car company has officially announced when these cars will go on sale. The items on this list are based on conjecture and rumors floating around the market.

Prince Pearl Automatic

Prince Pearl Automatic

The market had been abuzz with rumors concerning the introduction of an automatic Prince Pearl for some time.

The automatic Prince Pearl variant, according to a dealership’s earlier 2022 report to ProPakistani, will be released by Regal Automobiles in the middle of that year.

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Those plans, however, were supposedly derailed by the economic downturn at the time.

After the recent price increases, Pearl has become a common sight on the roads. Its appeal could have been enhanced with the addition of an automatic variant.

MG GT and MG 3


Guangzhou Automobile Company (GAC) was rumored to be entering the Chinese market at the tail end of 2021. After forming a partnership with SUPER PAK Engineering (PVT.) LTD, the company was ready to launch.

The GS3 is a subcompact crossover SUV. The company’s social media accounts posted pictures of it with the caption “coming soon,” but they didn’t say when it would be available. The business failed to respond after a certain time had passed.

The next MG is in fact MG GT.

No one from Whatispakistan.com responded to requests for comment on its planned actions. We look forward to its introduction in 2023.

DFSK Glory 500/Seres S3

DFSK Glory 500Seres S3

In 2021, both the DFSK Glory 500 and its electric twin, the Series S3, made it to Karachi for testing. There have been rumors ever since that the Chinese automaker might introduce the tiny SUV to the Pakistani market.

However, the company has said nothing about any forthcoming releases in 2022. Just recently, Regal Automobiles announced on social media that they would be introducing a line of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to the Pakistani market.

As of right now, however, that seems unlikely due to both the company’s silence and the state of the economy.

Changan CS35 and Oshan X5

Changan has been hinting at two new crossover SUVs for the Pakistani market since 2022: the CS35 and the Oshan X5. While the former competes with the Chery Tiggo 4, the latter takes on the MG HS.

A few automobile news websites, including Pakwheels.com, have reviewed a prototype CS35. A representative for the company said that both SUVs will soon be available in Pakistan, but did not provide a specific release date. The year 2022 was not “soon,” as had been hoped.

Proton X50

Given that Pakistan is Proton’s primary export market, the Malaysian automaker has been very outspoken about its intentions to introduce the X50 there. In Malaysia, the X50 debuted around the middle of the year 2050, and it quickly became the most popular sport utility vehicle.

Even more, than we were, our readers are looking forward to the possibility of a Pakistani release of the SUV. The subcompact SUV was set to debut in Pakistan in early 2021, thanks to Proton’s Pakistan-based partner, Al-Haj Automotive.

Unfortunately, the company’s initial operations in Pakistan in 2021 were stymied by COVID-19-based shutdowns in Malaysia. Demand and production both slumped the following year as a result of inflation’s devastating effects.

There is optimism that Proton will deliver the X50 this year because of the new year.


I hope you have gained something from the above┬áThe year 2022 is over, and the future of Pakistan’s auto industry is uncertain. Thank you for reading this information.

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