Lucky Motor Corporation, the team behind KIA cars in Pakistan, has raised the prices of several well-liked models, including the KIA Sportage. These changes are part of the latest KIA Sportage prices in Pakistan and are due to two main reasons: the local currency is getting weaker and it costs more to produce cars.

KIA has stepped up as the first major car brand to increase its prices because the local currency is losing value. This move suggests that other car companies will likely do the same soon.

In the latest pricing update, KIA’s most budget-friendly model, the Kia Picanto AT, has seen its price tag go from Rs3.775 million to a new figure of Rs3.9 million, marking an Rs125,000 increment. Additionally, the price for the KIA Stonic has been adjusted upwards from Rs 6,050,000 to Rs 6,280,000, reflecting a Rs 230,000 increase.

As part of the latest KIA Sportage prices in Pakistan, the Sportage AWD—KIA’s best-selling model—has undergone a modification in its cost. Originally priced at Rs8,820,000, it will now cost you Rs8,920,000, a difference of Rs100,000. On a similar note, the KIA Sportage Black’s price tag has experienced a significant jump. It has moved from Rs9,300,000 to a new figure of Rs9,650,000, an uptick of Rs350,000.

Updated KIA Vehicle Prices in Pakistan Following Recent Rate Hike

Vehicle ModelPrevious CostUpdated CostIncrement in Cost
Kia Picanto ATRs3,825,000Rs3,950,000 Rs125,000
Kia Stonic EX+Rs6,050,000Rs6,280,000 Rs230,000
Kia Sportage AWDRs8,820,000Rs8,920,000 Rs100,000
Kia Sportage BlackRs9,300,000Rs9,650,000 Rs350,000

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