Islamabad, October 12, 2023: HBL Mobile’s launch of an app for the visually impaired“—this groundbreaking announcement echoed through the corridors of the digital banking sphere today. On World Sight Day, HBL Mobile unveiled its innovative talkback audio assistance feature, setting a precedent for digital inclusivity in Pakistan.

The newly launched feature offers users the ability to receive audible descriptions of on-screen elements with a simple tap. This enhancement ensures that vital tasks such as transferring funds, bill payments, and checking account balances become effortlessly accessible. Users can activate this feature by visiting their smartphone’s accessibility settings and turning on the screen reader. Once done, the HBL Mobile app will audibly guide users, ensuring a smooth banking experience.

Midway through the announcement, a statement emphasized, “HBL Mobile’s launch of an app for the visually impaired, ensuring financial inclusion for all.” By tailoring their services to meet the needs of every user, especially those with disabilities, HBL demonstrates a deep commitment to inclusivity in the digital age.

The decision to introduce this feature on World Sight Day is a testament to the bank’s forward-thinking approach. It sends a strong message about the significance of inclusive design and its role in modern business practices.

HBL’s Chief Innovation Officer Speaks on New Accessibility Initiative

Abrar Ahmed Mir, holding the esteemed position of Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion Officer at HBL, commented on this notable initiative. He highlighted the essence of financial inclusion and diversity for a prospering economy. “By enhancing the accessibility of our banking app,” Mir said, “HBL Mobile is ensuring that visually impaired individuals can independently handle their finances, thus promoting more inclusive participation in society.”

Conclusion: HBL Mobile’s launch of an app for the visually impaired not only propels them as a leader in mobile banking innovation in Pakistan but also serves as an example for other businesses. Emphasizing the importance of digital inclusivity, HBL Mobile’s move underscores the significance of creating platforms where everyone, irrespective of their physical abilities, can participate equally and independently.

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