The Afghan supercar was created by a team of tech experts.

There has been a lot of positive feedback on the video of the “Mada 9” sports car that has been shared online.

Details suggest that Mada 9 is a prototype of a supercar developed at Afghanistan’s Navavari Center for Technical and Vocational Education. new Made in Afghanistan Super Car Goes Viral.

It was developed by the Innovation Center of Afghanistan in collaboration with the Information Technology Ministry and ENTOP.

Made in Afghanistan Super Car Goes Viral

The videos showing Mada 9’s development show that its body is made of composite materials, which keep the weight down.

The car’s mid-engine layout places the engine behind the driver and relies on a tubular frame chassis and pushrod suspension inspired by Formula One cars. Made in Afghanistan Super Car Goes Viral.

In the video, ENTOP’s CEO, Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, says that the company has been working on the prototype for five years.

He promised that in two weeks the team would have completed the project and presented it at the Qatar Exhibition.

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The developers of Mada 9 state that they are taking Afghanistan’s mountainous landscape into account during development.

Following extensive testing, the team will move forward with mass production of the prototype.

When the car is unveiled officially, the company will likely release additional information.

Although there is no publicized deadline for the completion of Mada 9, the project is nonetheless a major achievement for the Afghan people.


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