26-Year-Old Killed in Family Dispute

26-Year-Old Killed in Family Dispute

Last Thursday, a 26-year-old lady reportedly died at the hands of her in-laws after a sad family argument. Her father claims that in an effort to avoid legal penalties, the family attempted to arrange her death as a suicide.

Nighat Bibi had been married to Khurram for four years, according to her father, Muhammad Fareed, who made the police report. The couple frequently argued about domestic issues and had no children. Fareed claimed in his complaint that her husband had physically abused his daughter before murdering her and then tried to pass the death off as a suicide by hanging the victim.

Fareed continued by adding that he was informed that Nighat had locked herself in her room and was not responding to a call from a relative, Shabbir. His daughter’s body was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan when he came and pounded on the door to get it open.

The dead body was tied to the fan with a little cloth, which the father claims is a clue that she did not commit suicide. Other facts at the scene, such as the lack of a chair or table and the use of a small fabric, support his claim.

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