In a really sad event, a young woman named Laraib and her friend Hassan were shot and killed by her dad, Dr. Rafiq Shaikh, and her brother Abdullah. This happened early in the morning when they were coming back from a night out. The area where it happened is looked after by the Sachal Police.

After doing this, Laraib’s dad and brother went straight to the police station and admitted what they did. They got arrested right away.

Hassan was driving Laraib back home around 6 a.m. when her dad and brother saw them. They quickly got a gun from their home and shot at the car. Hassan died immediately, and Laraib was very hurt. Instead of taking her to the hospital, her dad took her back home, and she died there from losing too much blood.

Her dad, who has a high job at Qatar Hospital, told the police he had worries about his daughter hanging out with Hassan late at night. Because he wasn’t happy with what Laraib had to say about it, they decided to confront her and Hassan, leading to this terrible event.

The police took two guns from Laraib’s dad and brother and are checking if they are legal. Hassan lived in an area called Gulshan Iqbal.

Right now, the police are still looking into what happened.

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