Justice Qazi Faez Isa has officially taken the reins as Pakistan’s new top judge, becoming the 29th Chief Justice of Pakistan. The oath ceremony took place in Islamabad and was led by President Arif Alvi. Big names like the temporary Prime Minister and the Army Chief were present, marking the importance of this event for the nation’s law and order.

The ceremony began with a reading from the Holy Quran, providing a spiritual start to the occasion. This set the stage for the announcement that Justice Isa would take on the significant role of Pakistan’s 29th Chief Justice. Standing beside him throughout this pivotal moment was his wife, Sarina Isa, offering her unwavering support and sharing in the joy of this important career achievement.

About Justice Isa’s Background

Born in Quetta in 1959, he comes from a family that’s been committed to public service. His father was a key player in the efforts to make Pakistan an independent country and was a close ally of the country’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His mom dedicated her time to causes like healthcare and education in the community.

Justice Isa started learning in his hometown, Quetta. After that, he went to a well-known school in Karachi. When he finished school, he went to London to study law more deeply. In 1985, he started his job as a lawyer and worked in many courts all over Pakistan.

Years later, in 2014, he became a judge in Pakistan’s most important court. People often ask for his advice on hard legal problems that others find confusing. He has even helped solve legal issues in other countries.

In Summary

As Justice Isa takes on his new role, he becomes the 29th Chief Justice of Pakistan. He carries with him not only vast professional knowledge but also a family history of serving the community. This mix of skills and values is sure to benefit Pakistan’s legal system as it deals with challenges both at home and abroad.

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