The impending general elections in Pakistan, initially planned for later this year, could be moved to spring 2024.

In view of the government’s choice to hold elections based on the most recent census data, interior minister Rana Sanaullah made this declaration. Sanaullah stated during an interview with a well-known news show that the redefining of electoral borders, also known as delimitation, will be a drawn-out procedure and that it is likely that the elections will take place around the end of February or the beginning of March.

Highlighting the importance of accurate delimitation, Sanaullah noted that it’s a constitutional requirement to ensure fairness in general elections. He emphasized that one can’t hold two separate general elections using the same census data. There have also been reservations and concerns raised by various political factions regarding the findings of the 2023 census.

In a related development, Sanaullah confirmed that there’s no consensus yet on the choice of an interim prime minister.

Additionally, the governing coalition has resolved to disband the National Assembly by August 9, giving the electoral commission the discretion to reschedule the election date.

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