The wife of Civil Judge Asim Hafeez, Somia Asim, was taken into police custody on Monday. This happened after a court in Islamabad decided not to let her out on bail. She is accused of hurting Rizwana, a 14-year-old girl who works as a maid at their house. This issue has upset many people who are calling for justice for young girls.

Judge Farrukh Fareed oversees this case. He canceled Somia’s bail and ordered her to be arrested. The case was getting a lot of attention, and the judge told the people in charge of the case not to let any pressure affect their work. They should determine what happened.

Last week, Somia was let out on bail because she said that she wanted to tell her side of the story to the person investigating the case. She said that she trusted the investigation.

This case is becoming more serious because of the sad details of how Rizwana was treated. She works at the house of a person managing the Islamabad Judicial Complex. Many people were angry and worried about what had happened.

Before these recent events, many people on social media and some famous people spoke about what had happened to Rizwana. They used the hashtag #JusticeForRizwana, one of the most popular topics on Twitter.

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