In a recent announcement that has captivated automobile enthusiasts, Haval, the esteemed Chinese SUV brand, has made a significant move. Slashing the prices of its two prime models in Pakistan, the Jolion and the H6, this decision is a testament to how Haval slashes SUV prices in Pakistan. This notable price deduction, reaching up to a substantial Rs400,000, aims to make these SUVs an even more tempting proposition in Pakistan’s bustling automotive market.

New Pricing Details

With the price cut, the revised ex-factory prices for the Jolion and the H6 models are presented as follows:

  • Jolion 1.5T: Now set at Rs8,299,000, a drop from Rs8,699,000.
  • H6 1.5T: Now at Rs9,499,000, formerly Rs9,899,000.
  • H6 2.0T AWD: Priced at Rs10,849,000, down from Rs11,249,000.
  • H6 HEV: Now at Rs 12,149,000, originally Rs 12,549,000.

These freshly revised prices have been effective since September 1st, 2023. In a commendable gesture, Haval Pakistan has ensured that customers with prior bookings will also benefit from these updated prices. The move reiterates the narrative of how Haval slashes SUV prices in Pakistan, adjusting to the market’s dynamics.

About Haval in Pakistan

The establishment of Haval Pakistan is the outcome of a strategic alliance between Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) and China’s Great Wall Motors (GWM), a dominant figure in the SUV realm. Their inaugural models for the Pakistani market, the Jolion, and the H6, were launched in July 2023. Imported as Completely Built Units (CBUs), these vehicles pack an array of standout features befitting the local consumer.

Haval Pakistan remains dedicated to tailoring its offerings to resonate with the needs and preferences of the Pakistani automotive audience. Furthermore, they harbor ambitions to continually introduce newer models and solidify their dealership network across the country.


With Haval Slashes SUV Prices in Pakistan, this strategic decision is set to make a significant impact on the SUV segment in the country. The brand’s dedication to providing quality vehicles at more affordable rates emphasizes its commitment to the Pakistani market. Consumers can now look forward to enjoying high-end features without the hefty price tag.

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