Islamabad: Changan announces a big drop in car prices, shaking up the automobile sector. The prominent Chinese car brand in Pakistan has slashed prices for its new models, making them more affordable for buyers.

These updated prices are set to roll out on October 27, 2023.

Key Reasons behind the Price Cut

Changan announced a price cut due to two economic factors: the stronger Pakistani rupee and lower customs duty on imports. In a press release, Changan Pakistan said they aim to pass these savings to their customers, making their cars more widely available.

A Glimpse of the New Rates

To provide clarity, below is a table comparing the previous prices against the revised rates for Changan’s four models:

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Oshan X7 Future Sense9,599,0009,199,000-400,000
Oshan X7 Comfort8,999,0008,699,000-300,000
Alsvin Lumiere2,849,0002,749,000-100,000
Alsvin Base Model2,499,0002,449,000-50,000

Diving Deeper: About Changan, Pakistan

Changan Pakistan, a collaboration between Master Motors Limited and Changan Automobiles China, has been a key player in the Pakistani car market since 2018.

Their lineup includes popular models like Karvaan, M8, M9, and Alsvin123.

Changan Pakistan commits to delivering vehicles tailored to the preferences of Pakistani customers. They also aim to broaden their dealership network and enhance their after-sales services across the country.


To conclude, Changan announces a big drop in car prices, marking a pivotal moment that is set to influence the Pakistani automobile market profoundly.

By aligning its pricing strategy with economic shifts, Changan showcases its unwavering dedication to the Pakistani clientele. This strategic move will undoubtedly strengthen Changan’s market stance, attracting an even larger consumer base to its lineup.

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