Did you know Toyota Unveils Slightly Less Ugly C-HR Concept  The all-new C-HR concept is Toyota’s first vehicle to feature the company’s striking new design language? As a follow-up to the first generation of C-HR, which debuted a number of years ago, the C-HR idea has been in development for some time.

The new C-HR retains the same basic profile as its forerunner, but it takes design cues from the Crown, Prius, Aygo X, and bZ4X. Its hood, or “bonnet,” rises on the sides and dips in the middle, giving it a sports car appearance.

The new C-HR

The gaping mouth below is flanked by a tiny grille and air curtains. The front fascia gets the “Hammerhead” moniker because it has been widened laterally.

Large creases start at the front wheel arches and meet in the middle of the doors, continuing all the way back to the rear. To save space, the door handles on the newest C-HR are located near the taillights instead of the C-pillars, as they were on the first generation of the C-HR. The door handles in the front of the vehicle are retractable and lie flat when not in use.

The massive wheels and side cameras used as mirrors in most concept cars won’t make it into the production model. By contrasting “sulfur” with “metal silver” and “recycled carbon,” the three-color paint scheme draws attention to the building’s rearmost pillars.

Toyota new-C-HR

The dramatic design continues with a large rear diffuser, full-width taillights, a sculpted tailgate, and a rear wing that extends out from two “bubbles” on the roof. It has a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs, according to Toyota.

The new C-HR will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain that can charge itself, like those found in Europe. Toyota hinted at a press conference in December that the SUV would have a drivetrain made up of only electric motors.

There aren’t any official details about when the SUV will come out, but the industry thinks it will happen between late 2023 and early 2024.


I hope you have gained something from the above. Toyota Unveils a Slightly Less Ugly C-HR Concept The all-new C-HR concept is Toyota’s first vehicle to feature the company’s striking new design language, E.T.C. Thank you for reading.

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