Did you know Google is Now Officially Registered as a Company in Pakistan. Google, Inc., a subsidiary of the American technology giant Alphabet, Inc., has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan to begin operating as a corporation (SECP).

The SECP has issued Google a certificate of registration under Section 435 of the Companies Act 2017, according to sources speaking exclusively to ProPakistani.

Official documents obtained by ProPakistani show that Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. has registered as a foreign company in Pakistan in accordance with the Companies Act 2017.

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After SECP registration, Google is expected to launch its services in Pakistan soon. Next week, a Google team will travel to Pakistan to meet with local officials and discuss expanding the company’s operations there.

According to insiders, the Pakistani Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) made numerous attempts to attract multinational corporations to the country, but the latter was hesitant to set up shop in Pakistan because of the country’s tumultuous political climate.

There has been progressing, however, with both Google and Tik Tok agreeing to open offices in Pakistan, and the ministry is currently in talks with Facebook.facebook

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The IT ministry is optimistic that Google will open an office in Pakistan within the week. Google has, over the past few years, launched multiple initiatives in Pakistan, according to representatives from the MoITT.

Google introduced career certifications in September, providing Pakistanis with a variety of options for furthering their education. Google decided to launch a suicide hotline in Pakistan in June 2022 in an effort to help with the country’s high rate of suicides and other mental health problems.

Most officials viewed Google’s incorporation in Pakistan favorably. Registration with SECP indicates that Google intends to increase its current $3.5 million investment in the Google Certification Program.


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