Did you you TransferWise Becomes Inaccessible in Pakistan. TransferWise (now known as Wise), a popular financial service used by freelancers to transfer funds to Pakistani accounts, is currently not accessible on several Pakistani ISPs,   confirmed.

It seems that the ban has been implemented by a number of ISPs, which may indicate that PTA is attempting to block the service throughout the country.

TransferWise’s mobile app and website are down, and while we couldn’t confirm this with the PTA, it seems likely to be the result of a blocking pattern triggered by the PTA. The State Bank of Pakistan, according to a representative from the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications, handles remittances, and the MoITT has no knowledge of this.

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TransferWise to send money from the United States to Pakistan.


The government’s apparent concern about the outflow of dollars is the likely motivation for the ban, but we don’t know why at this time. It’s ironic that freelancers use TransferWise to send money from the United States to Pakistan.

This is just the beginning of the difficulties that Pakistani independent workers and internet businesses will face. Indeed, in recent years, it has become more challenging for Pakistani IT companies or freelancers to work with international clients and receive payment to a Pakistani bank.

There are currently only a handful of services that allow for instantaneous USD transfers from abroad to Pakistani banks, and TransferWise was one of them. The shutdown of TransferWise in Pakistan is likely to make life even more challenging for IT businesses and freelancers in the country.

In addition, it is difficult to transfer dollars into Pakistan because the dollars IT companies and freelancers send to the country are subject to multiple checks, which can take several days to clear.

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IT companies may be tempted to use illegal channels for transferring funds to Pakistan because using hawala or hundi services results in a seamless workflow and exchange rates that are at least 7-10% better.

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