Pakistani Team Returns to International Racing Event After 10 Years in 2023

Pakistani Team Returns to International Racing Event After 10 Years

Did You Know…? Pakistani Racing Team Returns to an International Race For the first time in almost a decade, Pakistani karters will compete in the final round of the Dubai Endurance Karting Championship in 2022. In the years following 2013, Pakistan dropped out of the competition.

Pakistan is represented by captain Shamiq Saeed, manager Saad Lari, and racers Shahzad Qureshi, Samad Soomro, Uzair Magsi, and Enaam Ahmed.For this tournament Shamiq Saeed (captain), Saad Lari team manager

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This event will feature up to 42 karting teams, 15 of which are European champions. World champion Fernando Alonso and former F1 driver Pedro De La Rosa are also expected to compete.

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Speaking on the team’s preparations, the team captain Shamiq Saeed stated:

It’s intimidating to compete at this level. Our team may be inexperienced, but they are anything but when it comes to their drive, dedication, and determination to win. As such, we see this as a fantastic chance to improve our own standards at home by absorbing the expertise of those in other countries. After all, it’s not every day that you get to train and compete alongside Formula One drivers, let alone a two-time FI World Champion. With God’s help, I believe we can accomplish this and bring honour to our nation and its citizens.

The presence of a Pakistani team at this competition is significant. Motorists anticipate the fastest cars to perform at their peak.


He then said, “Inshallah hoping to make the country and the people proud of our efforts.”Thank you for reading this information.

Via: Geo News 

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