Did you know Which mobile brand is mostly used in Pakistan. In Pakistan, people aren’t surprised to see the most popular smartphone brands. The top brands in our country are well known to us, but how do they compare internationally, and what developments have occurred in the past year?

Let’s find out.

Samsung is Still Leading

StatCounter’s most recent data shows that Samsung has maintained its position as the dominant smartphone brand in Pakistan over the course of the past year. Similar to 2021, it has a commanding lead over the rest of the field, but this time around, its advantage isn’t quite as great.

Its market share has decreased from 24.51% in the prior-year period to 22.81% in the current-year period.

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Vivo Reaches Top 3

There are currently three major smartphone manufacturers in Pakistan: Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo. Vivo has surpassed Oppo as the world’s second largest phone manufacturer, albeit by a razor’s edge, thanks to a huge increase in sales over the previous year.

Even though Huawei is still in the top 5 despite not having access to Google’s apps and services, this is nothing to celebrate because the company is rapidly declining. Its once dominant 11% share of the market is now down to 8%, and falling.

While we’re listing the top 5, let’s not leave out Infinix. The Chinese company’s brand has expanded since last year, increasing from 8.08% to 11.06% of the market share.

Xiaomi Needs a Push

Despite Xiaomi’s popularity in Pakistan over the past few years, the company has yet to crack the top five. To be sure, it still faces competition from Apple and Tecno, both of which are ranked above Xiaomi. Since both Tecno and Apple have been losing market share year over year, Xiaomi may yet find success.

With a market share of only 3.75 percent, Realme falls even further than Xiaomi. The remaining 2.34 percent of the market is held by lesser-known brands.

Global NumbersGlobal Numbers

Comparisons to the rest of the world reveal striking discrepancies from Pakistan. Despite Apple’s rise, Samsung is still the dominant player worldwide. In total, they have a 28% share of the industry. Xiaomi is not even close to these two giants, but it is still the third largest phone manufacturer in the world.

The only reason Huawei is so high on this list is because of how well established it is in China (where it ranks fourth). With a 5.45% market share, Oppo is second only to Huawei.


I hope you have gained something from the above.In Pakistan, people aren’t surprised to see the most popular smartphone brands. internationally.Thank you for reading this information.

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