In a significant collaboration with a private entity, Pakistan has undertaken the ambitious initiative of building Kartarpur Theme Park for Tourism Surge. Located at the Kartarpur Corridor, one of the holiest sites in Sikhism, this project aims to improve diplomatic relations and ease accessibility to the world’s largest gurdwara, especially given the existing tensions between Pakistan and its neighboring countries.

During his recent visit to the sacred location, Aneeq Ahmad, the acting federal minister for religious affairs, formally laid the foundation stone for the park. Ahmad took the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with Sikh pilgrims, gathering their feedback on the existing facilities at the gurdwara.

Kartarpur Park Aims for Tourism and Harmony

The main goal is to bring more people to this important site for Sikh worship. The project will roll out in different stages. The first part, set to finish in six months, will offer food places, kid-friendly zones, a stage for local music, and shops.

A full plan covering three years adds other fun features like a water park, a small zoo, a history club, sports facilities, a traditional village, and places to stay like small houses and vacation spots.

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