Faryal Fareed Becomes First Woman Police Chief in Balochistan

Faryal Fareed Takes Historic Role as Balochistan's First Female SSP

Faryal Fareed Becomes the First Woman Police Chief in Balochistan” is a monumental headline that signifies a breakthrough for gender equality and representation in the law enforcement sector of the region. Faryal Fareed has recently assumed the role of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Jaffarabad, Balochistan, making history as the first woman to ever hold this esteemed position. Jaffarabad, a region situated close to the border, has always been a challenging area to maintain law and order in, making her appointment not just groundbreaking but also an acknowledgment of her capabilities to manage complex situations.

Originally from Haripur city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Faryal Fareed officially began her new job on September 1st. A ceremony at the Jaffarabad district police office marked this special moment, and officials gave her bouquets to congratulate her.

What’s really remarkable is that Faryal Fareed had already made history in 2018 by becoming the first female police officer in the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) to get the “Sword of Honour” award.

Interestingly, her husband, Dr. Sami Malik, is also in the police force and works as Naseerabad SSP. This creates a unique situation where both are contributing to maintaining law and order.

A Step Forward: Balochistan’s First Woman SSP

The appointment of Faryal Fareed as the first female SSP in Balochistan is a significant step toward achieving equality in the police. It is not just about her employment; it also serves as proof that women can assume important roles that were previously reserved for men.

Faryal Fareed has a lot on her plate as SSP Jaffarabad. She is in charge of maintaining order in a setting known for its difficulties. However, her presence there also demonstrates that things are evolving and that having diverse leadership is advantageous. It promotes ethical decision-making and paves the way for an inclusive society.

Faryal Fareed Becomes the First Woman Police Chief in Balochistan” is a milestone that inspires women to pursue independence and career growth in fields often dominated by men.

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