During the commemoration event for Jinnah’s 75th Death Anniversary Tribute, the country paused to honor the durable legacy of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founding father. Interim Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar spearheaded the commemoration, expressing the nation’s gratitude to Jinnah for his dedication, foresight, and guidance in advocating for the welfare of Muslims in the Subcontinent.

During the event to celebrate Jinnah’s 75th Death Anniversary Tribute, an official statement came out. In it, Kakar highlighted how crucial Jinnah was to the creation of Pakistan. He went on to say that Jinnah did more than just fight for minority rights; he also worked hard to preserve the unique culture and identity of Muslims.

Kakar praised Jinnah as an outstanding example of principles, political intelligence, faith, and unity. He finished by saying that in Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan, everyone is equal, no matter their language, social standing, or religion.

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PM Kakar Urges Following Jinnah’s Principles for Pakistan’s Future

The acting Prime Minister noted that the current constitution reflects Jinnah’s 14 points, offering equal opportunities for everyone in the nation. Considering that the country is going through difficult times, Kakar stressed the need for people to adhere to Jinnah’s principles now more than ever.

Kakar stated that the most fitting tribute to the founder would be to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state, in accordance with Jinnah’s guiding principles. He urged the citizens to put aside their differences and collaborate for the betterment of the


To conclude, Kakar offered prayers for Jinnah’s soul and sought divine strength to enable the nation to follow his invaluable teachings.

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