The Rescue 1122 department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa started the “Motorcycle Ambulances Debut in Peshawar for Faster Aid” initiative. The World Health Organization is supporting this new service, which aims to offer a quicker emergency response in the provincial capital, particularly during traffic and road closures.

Dr. Khateer Ahmed, the Director General of Rescue 1122, emphasized the significance of motorcycle ambulances in enhancing the healthcare system. He mentioned that the “Motorcycle Ambulances Debut in Peshawar for Faster Aid” initiative ensures prompt dispatch of first responders upon receiving an emergency call.

The motorcycle ambulances come outfitted with an extensive array of medical equipment, including devices for measuring blood pressure, checking blood sugar levels, assessing oxygen saturation, and administering nebulized medications. Additionally, they carry cervical collars, oxygen tanks, tourniquets, and vital first-aid supplies and drugs. A trained emergency medical technician from Rescue 1122 will be responsible for riding the motorcycle and delivering prompt medical assistance to those who require it on the spot.

Peshawar Ambulance Expansion Plans

Authorities have plans to broaden the reach of this service to other districts, reinforcing the importance of the “Motorcycle Ambulances Debut in Peshawar for Faster Aid” initiative. It’s worth noting that Punjab, another province in Pakistan, has already expanded its motorcycle ambulance service to areas not easily accessible by traditional ambulances.

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