Did you know HEC Partners With Coursera to Offer Free Training to Pakistani Youth. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has begun the third stage of its partnership with Coursera through the Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative, with the goal of providing young people in Pakistan with the in-demand skills necessary for the jobs of the future (DLSEI).

In 2018, HEC and Coursera launched DLSEI, and so far, 12,000 students have logged a total of 0.25 million hours of online training.

Courses in project management, data analytics, programming, social media marketing, and “soft skills” like negotiation, communication, public speaking, and presentation are some of the most sought-after in the industry.

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With the goal of rapidly deploying high-quality digital and human skill training at scale throughout the country, HEC will sponsor skill development opportunities for Pakistan’s youth in 2023 through free access to 5,300 online courses and 3,400 guided projects on Coursera across 11 domains.

Chairman of HEC Dr. Mukhtar AhmedChairman of HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed

Chairman of HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed stated that the goal of the HEC-Coursera partnership is to maximize the opportunity to provide Pakistani youth with online certifications and courses to improve their skills.

The relationship between HEC and Coursera, he promised, would be bolstered by way of a “building blocks” mechanism that would allow for incremental improvement. He stressed the importance of working together to benefit humanity by providing young people with marketable skills.

The Chairman stated that HEC’s core belief is that education can be used as a form of diplomacy to help nations work together to find solutions to transnational issues. He advocated for local universities to incorporate Coursera offerings and offer bonus credits to students who chose to take courses from the platform.

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The Director of International Governments at Coursera, Mr. Matt Klein, said,


The youth today are graduating into a new labour market that demands new skills, reshaped by automation and the pandemic. Coursera is proud to work with HEC to help the next generation of talented Pakistanis reach their full economic potential by taking part in the digital economy around the world.

He said it’s encouraging that HEC is adapting to the changing times by expanding opportunities for students to acquire marketable skills and degrees.

He claimed that tens of thousands of students would benefit from HEC’s leadership and vision in the digital economy. He remarked that it is an honor for Coursera to serve as a go-to education collaborator in the realization of this dream.

With over 110 million students signed up as of September 30, 2022, Coursera has established itself as a global leader in online education.

Coursera has partnered with more than 275 top schools and companies, such as Yale, Stanford, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, to provide a wide variety of learning materials and credentials.

Coursera has been used by over 7,000 organizations to train and educate their staff, citizens, and students in in-demand areas like data science, technology, and business.

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