In Khairpur, a young girl named Fatima, who was working as a maid, has died. Some people think that someone who worked at the house where she lived hurt her. There’s a video online that shows Fatima with injuries, which has upset many people.

She worked at the home of a man named Pir Asad Shah Jeelani. The police have taken him because they think he might have something to do with her injuries and death.

Fatima’s family says she had many wounds and broken bones when they got her body. They believe she was badly harmed and want justice.

Pir Asad Shah says he didn’t hurt her. He mentioned she had a stomach problem and was sick with Hepatitis. She was buried without a proper check to see how she died. The police are now looking into everything, including claims that she might have been hurt in other ways. They are investigating to find out what happened.

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