The news headline Karachi School Principal Arrested for Rape and Blackmailhas shocked many. In Karachi, a school principal is in jail because he is accused of doing terrible things, like rape and blackmail. According to the in-charge officer, he has harmed more than 45 women. The principal worked at a private school in Karachi called Gulshan-e-Hadeed. The police think he scared and blackmailed women using security camera videos. They found 25 such videos on his phone.

People learned about this when a video showed the principal doing something wrong with a female teacher.

After that, the officials locked his office and started looking for more evidence. The man, named Irfan Ghafoor Memon, is in jail for a week right now.

Memon said he started renting the school in December. The school has about 10 female teachers, 5 male teachers, and roughly 250 students. He pays Rs. 100,000 a month to rent the space.

An ongoing investigation revealed deceptive employment tactics

The police say that the principal tricked teachers by offering them jobs. This led to more bad things happening, like sexual harassment and threats.

The police are still investigating and think that there are more people involved. They are looking for more security camera videos and expect to arrest two more people soon. The headline “Karachi School Principal Arrested for Rape and Blackmail” continues to worry people as more details come out.

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