U.S. Grants 40 Scholarships in Punjab

U.S. Grants 40 Scholarships in Punjab. Discover the United States' initiative to empower Punjab's next-generation scholars.

In a remarkable gesture of educational partnership, “U.S. Grants 40 Scholarships in Punjab” became the headline news, shining a beacon of hope for academically talented Pakistani students. The U.S. Grants 40 scholarships in Punjab, specifically targeting undergraduates from families hit hard by last year’s devastating floods. The awards ceremony included prominent figures such as US Consul General Kristin Hawkins, Aayesha Ikram, the Director General for Human Resource Development at the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood, the Vice Chancellor of the University of the Punjab.

The funding for these scholarships originates from USAID’s Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program (MNBSP). This program is dedicated to assisting these bright minds in completing their degrees at seven universities in Punjab. The scholarships are comprehensive, covering everything from tuition fees and accommodation to textbooks and food stipends.

Impact and Importance of MNBSP Scholarships

US Consul General Kristin Hawkins took the opportunity to highlight the importance of higher education for students hailing from various socioeconomic backgrounds. She expressed her enthusiasm for supporting these high-achievers in realizing their educational and professional dreams, acknowledging their potential to become Pakistan’s future leaders.

Aayesha Ikram, the Director General for Human Resource Development at the HEC, said that the MNBSP reserves 50% of its scholarships for female students while praising the long-standing support from the United States. A much-needed step in the right way, this encourages gender equality in educational possibilities. She stressed that during the past 75 years, U.S. contributions to higher education in Pakistan have created a beneficial and enduring legacy.

Since its initiation in 2004, the MNBSP, a collaborative effort between the HEC and 30 Pakistani universities, has awarded scholarships to more than 6,000 deserving students. These students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds across Pakistan, illustrating the broad reach and substantial impact of the program.

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