In the past 24 hours, Rawalpindi has registered 13 new cases of dengue fever as local health facilities continue to deal with patients suffering from mosquito-induced illnesses and high fevers.

The district’s disease control chief, Dr. Sajjad Mehmood, disclosed that since January, a total of 1,802 legal complaints have been filed for ignoring dengue prevention guidelines across various sectors of the city.

Dr. Sajjad further explained that the local government, in partnership with other organizations, has shut down 438 locations, issued 646 penalty tickets, and amassed fines of Rs 31, 33,000 in 2023 for violations of dengue safety measures.

In terms of the disease’s prevalence, 150 verified dengue cases have been logged this year in Rawalpindi. This is lower than the 310 cases recorded in 2022 but substantially higher than the mere four cases in 2021. Currently, 47 people are receiving medical treatment in city hospitals, with 27 of these cases confirmed as dengue. Importantly, no dengue-related deaths have occurred, and 111 patients have been successfully treated and discharged.

Within the last day, in addition to the 13 new cases, authorities have initiated 63 more legal complaints, handed out 18 new penalty tickets, and sealed off 28 locations for breaking dengue prevention rules.

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